Saturday, August 16, 2008

Love your letters--thank you!

Hello All,

I really do love reading your letters and comments on my newest book, Choices and Illusions. It is hard to choose which ones stand out the most so I simply will not. Still, I have been asked why I don’t post more often to my book blog and/or at least post comments from readers. To that end, here are two of my favorites from this past week or so. Hope you enjoy!


Dear Sir,

At the age of 58 years young I have just got the message, I met my second wife eight years ago and she is very spiritual, with concepts to life that I could simply not get. "What you think you create"

I come from a working class background with all the good things in life, like great love and admiration from parents, not a very good basic education, but enough to help me get by in my work and further develop. I grew up like thousands of others thinking the only way in life was to work hard, ethically and give a good day work (and more) for your pay. This mind sent kept me in continual work.

However, I came to a turning point in life where I had put everything into my family over a period of 22 years, providing a very nice house, private education for my twins from the early age through to University. This gave me great pleasure because I grew up believing I was never smart enough to go to University. Then my wife divorced me because the only way I knew to earn money enough to maintain the family’s life style was to take on overseas assignments in remote areas of the world under difficult conditions with no quality of life.

My new wife when we met started to tell me all the things of the universe and basically to an Engineer it sounded like she was off with the fairies.

Then She bought your book Choices and Illusions, so I read it with an open mind, and I have decided that I need to read it again to further understand the Mind issues that did not really understand,
"What you think is what you create" Wow this was too big for me to understand,
a) Because I wanted to understand, and I wanted it to work for me, but I had the obvious doubts,
b) What if my thoughts are for the wrong thing like self-gain just money like winning the lotto when it’s not my turn?
c) I also had the mixed negative thoughts that maybe it would not work; the tennis game went on in my mind and did not stop.

Now I have it, I have wealth, I have love, I'm moving into a million dollar home, and the most beautiful thing about what I'm doing I'm helping others to do the same. I'm even helping people that tried to tell me how the Universe worked several years ago because they did not really put full belief into it.

People need to read your book, write down questions, doubts and be perfectly honest with them selves and if there is anything they don't understand ask, and then start the process of working the mind in a positive way.

My system works because I'm genuinely grateful for everything in life when I wake up in a morning and the events of the day.

John H, thank you

Hi Eldon!

I am amazed by all of the wonderful information that you offer on your site. There is something for everyone! Your book "Choices & Illusions...How did I get where I am and how do I get to where I want to be" is exceptional and inspiring. I have had times in my life where I sat back and did I ever get here? I realized it was my best thinking that got me there and my thinking needed to change.

I am a recovering alcoholic and addict (been sober 20 years now) and essential parts of recovery are learning to change our negative thought patterns into positive thinking, finding a Higher Power, mediation and finding a new way of living.

All of your information designed to help is perfect for those in recovery. Many people in recovery are constantly seeking self-improvement information.
Amy “AJ” Crowell, MBA
Author: Loved Back to Life


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